The whole month of February 2018

Dylan Bernstein is a KPJAYI authorised teacher.  For the month of February 2018 Dylan will be teaching the usual Mysore programme and Saturday Led class after which he will hold conference.

Dylan began practicing yoga and meditation almost 30 years ago. To him, these practices have been his lifelong guiding lights. It’s with great joy and gratitude that Dylan will come to share, to teach and to connect with yogis in Cape Town! Take advantage of this opportunity to practice with one of the more unique, highly experienced teachers roaming the Earth today!

No matter where he teaches, Dylan stresses regular practice as the most important aspect. On top of the essential Mysore instruction, Dylan will take the time to help us build our sitting practices in a 4-part course over the entire month. Early in his visit, Dylan will offer special insight and technical approaches based on Buddhist perspectives. And by looking deep into the final Resolution of Primary Series, he hopes to bring light into our entire approach.

Please consider choosing to spend this month with Dylan, as he is gladly choosing to spend February with us here in Cape Town!


Weekly Timings:

Mysore –

Mondays to Thursdays 6 am to 9 am

Primary Series Led & Conference –

Primary Series Led Fridays 6:30 am to 8:00 am followed by Conference 8:00 am to 9:00 am

Mysore –

Sundays 8 am to 10.00 am


Student price


4 Week Course – February 2018

Asana, Pranayama and other Sitting Practices 2 hours every Sunday for 4 weeks – Course running on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th Feb 2018

Take advantage of this opportunity to detail the more refined aspects of yoga.  Dylan will share from his three decades of exploration. The Ashtanga Pranayama sequence will be introduced. Basic cleansing breath techniques will also be practiced each week. There will be time for asana clinic questions regarding alignment, adjustment and intent.  And, of course, meditative exercises will allow us to glide towards a more subtle and calm mind. This will help your ” jump-backs” :))))))

DATES: Sunday 4/ 11/ 18/ 25 February 2018

TIME: 10:30 AM TO 12.30 PM



DROP IN: R450 / per session

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Ashtanga Workshop – 3rd February 2018

Practicing the Middle Way : A Buddhist Approach to Ashtanga, 3 hour course – 9 am-12 pm

Daily Ashtanga Sadhana presents an amazing openness. Although the sequence is structured, the internal experience really depends upon the individual. Dylan began practicing both asana and Buddhist meditation 29 years ago. For him, they are intrinsically tied together and inform one another. This workshop will detail some fundamental ways that we can approach our daily practice. We’ll microscope breath, bandha and vinyasa. Then apply those techniques through interesting transitions and alignments, both physical and otherwise. Some brief differing styles of meditation will be touched upon.  This workshop is open to all. 

DATE: Saturday 3 February 2018

TIME: 9 AM TO 12 (noon)


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Primary Series Workshop – 10th February 2018

ResolutionCompleting Primary Series, 3 hour course – 9 am-12 pm

Dylan feels this material is drastically under-taught. Although both Introductions to Primary or Intro to Second Series workshops are quite commonly offered, the end of the Primary Series presents interesting challenges and insights. By looking deep into the material, Dylan hopes to inspire new interpretations, techniques and perhaps even meaning. This session will incorporate subtleties of specific vinyasa, bandha integration and aspects of Ashtanga pranayama. We will focus from Marciyasana D to Setu Bandhasana. This workshop is recommended for Ashtanga practitioners of all levels.

DATE: Saturday 10 February 2018

TIME: 9 AM TO 12 (noon)


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Ulrike Lamprecht
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All classes have to be booked and fully paid for upfront. Only fully paid slots will be confirmed. Refunds on cancellations made three weeks prior to start of event will entail a 20% administration fee. There are no refunds on cancellations made less than three weeks prior to start of event.